The classic “face lift” lifts the lower third of the face and refines the jaw line.  This can help to lift tissues along the jaw and place them in a more superior, natural, and youthful position.  There are many different face lifting techniques.  The technique chosen depends on the individual patient’s goals, the degree of facial aging and sagging, and the postoperative downtime which is acceptable to the patient.  In certain face lift techniques, the tissue in the lower face can be moved vertically to fill volume in the midface.  However, to really lift and augment the midface and the cheeks, supplemental techniques such as fat grafting or a midface lift can be more effective.  A midface lift often requires an incision in the temple region and the mouth, and is an effective way to add volume to the cheeks and midface.  The technique used and type of procedure performed depend on the anatomy of the individual and the goals of surgery.