All parts of our face begin to show the effects of age. Many people know about face lifts and neck lifts to correct sagging tissues in the lower face and neck.  Fewer patients realize that there are treatments for the effects that gravity, sun damage, time, and genetics have on our noses.

As the skin over the bridge of the nose, especially over the middle of the nose, called the rhinion, thins, underlying irregularities begin to show and a hump may appear or become more prominent. In addition, the nostrils become elevated as the bones of the midface lose volume and change shape, which makes the tip look lower or “saggy.”

There are several ways to address these problems:

  • Placing filler in the midface, over an area called the pyriform aperture, can help to correct the loss of bone and tissue that the nasal framework sits on.
  • If a dorsal hump is small, filler can be placed around it to camouflage it. This is temporary, and may give the nose a more “Roman” appearance. It must be done by someone familiar with rhinoplasty and nasal anatomy as there is an increased risk of complications with filler in the nose.
  • A rhinoplasty, or a nose job, can give the nose a more attractive, youthful appearance. It can change the shape of the nose and also strengthen the tip of the nose, helping to resist further changes with age.